Carry out your complete environmental assessment thanks to the VitiPact and Planet Score alliance

VitiPact and Planet Score have joined forces to help you identify the CSR indicators and action levers that will enable you to reduce your environmental footprint.


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Vineyards worldwide

As part of our Alliance with PlanetScore, we support vineyards worldwide in the complete analysis of their performance (Pesticides, Climate and Biodiversity), the integration of environmental indicators into their CSR policy and the eco-design of new strategies to reduce their environmental impact.

What's more, thanks to their Planet Score label, wineries can easily communicate their good practices to consumers with a well-known and recognized label.

What is Planet-score?

Conceived by scientists and experts concerned with the general interest, and supported by a broad civil society collective, Planet-Score® is an independent and transparent methodology for environmental food labeling and eco-design. It mobilizes official databases (Agribalyse ADEME), and completes them with indicators to reflect all the issues, without taboos, without greenwashing, and with a high level of requirement, from field to fork. The Planet- Score® includes impacts on the entire life cycle of food and beverages: from production to packaging, energy and transport.

The Planet-Score® label gives citizens the keys to making the right choice, and companies the keys to taking action. To contribute to the daily fight against the decline in biodiversity, climate change, deforestation, water and air pollution.

Planet-Score is unique in its environmental added value and transparency: designed by experts, in close cooperation with civil society (consumer associations and NGOs), the brand's governance is assured exclusively by these players in the service of the general interest. A large number of scientific players and associations involved in the transition have contributed their expertise and contributions to the design of the system and are involved in developments and reflections to maintain the highest standards on key environmental and societal issues.

By the end of 2023, the Planet-Score label had become the most widely used and deployed tool in France and Europe. 300 companies, large and small, from production to distribution to catering, in 12 countries, now evaluate their food products using this demanding tool. 80 of them already display it on packaging, and over 150 communicate digitally. Above all, almost all of them have taken concrete steps to address the areas identified for improvement, and are working with their supply chains on their practices and quality standards. Since the summer, the Planet-score has been democratized thanks to its integration on UFC Que Choisir’s free mobile application, making it visible on over 135,000 food products. MediaPerformance highlights the Planet-score in over 300 supermarkets and hypermarkets (nearly 20 million views in the 2 nd half of the year!). All consumer studies carried out show very high levels of trust, generally in excess of 85%, for a straightforward label immediately identified as an independent trusted third party.

Planet-score’s development has benefited from donations and the support of foundations such as 1% for the Planet.

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